Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cameron 5/2

After taking a week off for TN Ready, the RAPS team was ready to dive back into it. This week at Cameron in RAPS, we continued reading more of Kwame Alexander’s novel Booked. Today was our last session before our students will have the opportunity to engage and listen to the amazing author, speaker, and poet. Thus, we wanted to give our kids as much time to continue interacting with and discussing the text.
            One of the things that Alexander weaves into this particular text is a sample of Blackout poetry. Blackout poetry is when you use a text that is already written to write a poem. The student looks for words that he/ she would like to keep and underlines them. Then, he she removes the rest of the words that are not underlined by “blacking them out” with a marker. You are left with a Blackout poem.
            The students used the Blackout poem in Booked as a mentor text to create their own. The students were able to choose from a variety of texts to get started. Some students chose to use passages from Skeleton Creek, a book we read last semester, while others started with poems in other languages, such as Spanish and Arabic, to begin their blackout process.
The poem below was originally titled “Tardes” and was transformed into a blackout poem and renamed “My Life.” The text highlighted in light blue are the words that make up this student’s poem. This student also chose to use a design to help convey his/ her message.

The poem below was originally a passage from Skeleton Creek. This student chose to blackout what they did not want using a blue marker. The text left alone are the words that make up his/ her poem.

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