Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cameron 4/18

We had a great penultimate week at Cameron! In preparation for Kwame Alexander's visit, we kept on reading Booked. Though we had to read at an accelerated pace, due to our short time together, the students demonstrated remarkable skills in identifying plot, characterization, and the different ways that Alexander uses his poems to create tone! The content spoke to many of our students, and they loved having the chance to take the book home and read on their own time.

We also had a chance to work with the fifth and sixth graders on an important topic, as they enter junior high. As cyberbullying affects numerous students across the country, Cameron thought it appropriate to utilize class time to teach students skills for dealing with bullying, as well as affirm their commitment to helping in any situation. It was powerful to see students engage with this issue, and we think it was cool that they got to see us in a regular setting, where we can use our lived experience to become mentors.

Next week, Cameron undergoes standardized testing, so we will not be in the building. However, we will be back for one last week, before Kwame Alexander visits on the 7th!

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