Saturday, March 17, 2018

Waverly Belmont 3/17

At Waverly Belmont, we dove into our second week with The Wild Robot, written by Peter Brown. The Wild Robot is the story of Rozzum unit 7134, a robot who wakes up for the very first time to find that she’s alone on a remote, wild island. Roz doesn’t know how she got there, or where she came from: she only knows that she wants to stay alive. And by robotically studying her environment she learns everything she needs to know.
          During Roz’s time on the island, she comes to adopt an orphaned gosling. Roz must learn how to take care of the gosling, such as providing food and building a nest. This week, the third graders had the opportunity to build their own nests. The students had the choice of using play-doh, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, string, glue, markers and/ or paper plates to construct their homes. They had a lot of fun exploring what materials were necessary in building the “best” home.
          Our fourth graders started their book clubs by discussing places in the text that provide evidence for Roz being a “Super Mom.” The students were able to find several examples that displayed Roz’s love and affection towards the gosling. Some of the evidence that the students found included Roz teaching the gosling how to swim even though Roz could not get in the water herself.
          Waverly Belmont students are also getting the exciting opportunity to hear from the author of The Wild Robot, Peter Brown, as the author will be visiting their school next week! Our third and fourth graders spent some time brainstorming what questions they might want to ask Brown when he visits. We are all very excited to hear more about his book and the inspiration behind it!

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