Friday, March 23, 2018

Litton Middle School 3/23

We had an awesome morning at Litton RAPS today. This was our last session before MNPS enjoys their Spring Break! 

All of our students have been working on culminating book projects in really creative and self-directed ways. These are books that they have been reading in book club or individually. Some are writing really moving Found poems. Our Refugee book club group is writing a series of newspaper articles from the book's different perspectives: Nazi Germany, Cuba during the 1990s, and through the present-day Syrian refugee crisis. Each member is contributing to different stories of the characters and the history surrounding the book. Hopefully we will be able to publish a copy of their work to the blog soon!

After Spring Break, we will have several choices of graphic novels and ongoing art and writing projects for the students as they read those texts. We hope that all of MNPS students and families enjoy a relaxing and fun Spring Break!

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