Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cameron 3/28

This was our final week with the inventors and coding unit and we were absolutely thrilled with our students' progress! Though we would have loved to get into some more intense coding modules, Scratch served as a wonderful way for us to integrate our focus on storytelling and coding directions. Our students spent their final moments, today, creating a story using the scratch directions, having their characters interact with one another and act out based on the actions of others. It was a fun activity that they enjoyed!

We also had the chance to give our students another Scholastic Book Order! Though Scholastic has been painfully slow in fulfilling our orders, we have promised our students that they will receive them, even if they must be mailed after the school year ends! The class is excited to finally get their books, and we hope that they allow them to work on their English skills at home!

Next week, Cameron is on their Spring Break! So, the RAPS team will spend their week off beautifying Wyatt with some of our students' works! 

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