Friday, February 2, 2018

McMurray 2/2

Welcome back McMurray Middle School!  This is the first RAPS club time that we have been able to have this semester because of scheduling and Nashville’s snowmaggedon.  It was really exciting to be back!

We started with a book preview rotation.  We had six different graphic novels that students perused after we discussed how to make book selections.  Students suggested that readers can look at the pictures on the front, the back of the book, and read the first few pages to figure out if they want to read it.  At the end of club time, they got to take home the graphic novel of their choice, even though some proclaimed that they wanted them all and didn’t want to choose. 

We concluded our  RAP session by taking time to create student designs for a RAPS t-shirt.  Students got pretty creative about what they like about reading, and maybe will inspire this year’s shirts.

Until next time, McMurray!

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