Saturday, February 17, 2018

McMurray 2/16

We began this RAPS club time by asking students to share what they noticedThe Arrival by Shaun Tan.  As they flipped through the pages for the first time, they noticed that pages looked old, that it is strange that there are no words, and that it looks like a comic book.  We collectively thought about how we can read a book that has no words by asking questions and analyzing what the pictures.

After this brief introduction, we split into three groups, to read and to make the origami birds that appears as a frequent symbol in this graphic novel.

Origami was new to many students, and some absolutely loved it, taking home more paper to try their hand at it again.  Others got a bit stumped with some folding patterns and were very glad to have finished one!

Their birds will soon grace Ms. Barrack's classroom as a decoration and fun reminder of what they made.

We look forward to exploring The Arrival  again in two weeks!

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