Friday, February 9, 2018

Litton Middle School: February 9

Our readers continued to have ambitious conversations this week at Litton RAPS! Students had some silent reading time before meeting with their book club is always a peaceful start to our Fridays. Once students had some time to discuss their books (which they are all enjoying) we opened up to a group discussion. The conversations took us past the plots of the books and into deeper engagement. What do authors do to make us want to keep reading this book? What keeps us so engaged? How do we connect to the books?

For the students reading Crossover by Kwame Alexander, it is the author's craft and form of the book that keeps them engaged with the book. They love that it is written in verse. One of our readers is on his third reading of Crossover. When we talked about what makes the book so good that he wants to read it over and over again, he said that the character is relatable to him. We know that this is one of the most important factors of loving a book and connecting to it.

The other book club groups reading The Hunger Games and Refugee agree that the mystery and intensity of the books keep them reading. Both books end chapters with cliffhangers and big anticipation. We will continue with these books for a few more weeks.

Litton RAPS has the very special opportunity to share a little about the program at Litton's upcoming community breakfast. Some of our students will represent our RAPS group, talk about some of the projects we work on, engage in a discussion about our book clubs, and continue to build their school's love of reading! Look out for a special blog post after the event next week.

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