Monday, February 19, 2018

Litton Middle School 2/16

Several Litton RAPS students represented the program so well at the community breakfast last week. We are so proud of them and their enthusiasm for reading. It was awesome!

On Friday, students settled in with their book club groups to discuss while they worked on a creative project. They worked on creating postcards from their book. The front image represented a theme, symbol, or scene of their book. On the back, students wrote a message describing the scene. Some students plan to take on the perspective of one of their characters. 

The students really enjoyed working on these postcards and we will continue with the project next week. Most groups are finishing up their books, so we will begin a new round of book clubs in the next few weeks.  

Two of the students reading A Long Walk to Water working on their postcards. We love seeing their artistic talent.

The group reading Refugee discusses their favorite quotes and characters before beginning their postcards.
Some of the Litton RAPS group representing the program at the Litton Community Breakfast!

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