Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cameron Valentine's Day!

Our students were so excited to see us for Valentine's Day! They'd spent the day learning some of the norms of the holiday, and our lesson from last week seemed to have stuck! We decided to start with an acrostic poem, using the word "heart." Though the students seemed to have trouble with the concept at first, brainstorming a list of potential words to start each line seemed to really help, and they really liked the opportunity to flex their creative muscles!

Next, we asked the students to look at a chocolate assortment, a popular treat on Valentine's Day. We explained that there are a variety of chocolates that come in these boxes, and that some are sweet while others are bitter, some are lighter and some are darker. We asked students to think of the type of chocolate that they might be, based on some of the characteristics that they saw in themselves. We may need some time to finish these up next week, but we can tell that they're off to a great start!

Some of our older students wanted to stick to scary stories, so we read a medley of quick stories from, an online blog that encourages original submissions of the macabre. The students loved the originality and approachability of the stories, and they may spend some free time reading more! We also spent time brainstorming for future scary stories that they may write themselves!

In the future, the classes will be working on a unit on famous inventors, focusing on Steve Jobs. So, we may try to find some sample coding activities and computer-based activities to work with alongside these inspirational figures. We can't wait to head back!

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