Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cameron 2/7

We had another great week at Cameron Middle School! Though we didn't have our seventh graders today, we were still able to have some fun with fifth and sixth graders. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, we wanted to share some aspects of our culture, and discuss some of the history of the holiday, and the reasons that we give gifts to one another and treat our romantic partner extra nicely on this day. 

After a quick discussion, we spent some time working through idioms around love and the heart. All of our students are learning English as their second or third language, so idioms and expressions can be particularly difficult for students looking to participate in American culture. We thought, since so many romantic idioms are funny, that our students would remember some of them going into the holiday, and we were fortunate enough to find representative pictures!

Finally, we got the chance to help out with the English class between our RAPS' classes. Today, we helped students create their own comics, based on the graphic novel, Hidden. The story, focusing on a young, Jewish girl living in Germany during Hitler's rise to power. It was impressive to see students grapple with such mature content, while maintaining respect and expressing their own creative side. 

Next week, we may do some work around inventors and entrepreneurs, as that is the unit for our group in their normal classes. We may do some reading, or even some introductory coding! 

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