Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cameron 2/28

We had a great week at Cameron Middle School! We wanted to build on our work from last week's coding lesson, so we decided to step it up just slightly. In this week's activity, students are meant to write directions for a person trying to navigate a city, while searching for a hot dog store. City blocks give the opportunity to program simple directions for navigation, but different perspectives on the directions being given to our imaginary character make it difficult to tell which way is best!

As students work their way around the city, they have many opportunities to mess up and refine their "code." After they have reached the end, they can try to come up with some unifying system that would make future directions easier, such as always facing North. We hope that these skills of trial and error and simplifying directions will make future activities easier!

Next week is Vanderbilt's spring break, so we won't be at the school. We hope to continue our momentum and work with computers soon, as well as hand out some books!

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