Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cameron 1/24

We had a great week at Cameron Middle School, after collecting our collective thoughts due to the week of snow! Because we spent our last time at Cameron reading Stepping Stones, we wanted to let our students make their own pictures this time, detailing their life and travels to the United States. 

Our student enjoyed this project, as it gave them a chance to reflect on their journey to the United States, while also getting the chance to express themselves in a creative mode that they had just seen. We can't wait to hang them up in Wyatt!

For some of our older students, we spent the day reading out of the graphic novel Poe, an adapted collection of the works of Edgar Allen Poe, by Gareth Hinds. This book cuts down on some of the language used by Poe, and features macabre and captivating pictures to accompany the dark stories. The students seemed utterly compelled by some of these classics.

Next week, we hope to start some new books and activities, with some students reading challenging texts and others working on writing their own stories. We also hope to take our first book order! We can't wait to head back!

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