Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wright 12/5

Our numbers continue to grow.  Last week was 21 students, and this week it was 25! Students were happy to have about 25 minutes of sustained silent reading time, and then just about all of them wanted to talk about their really cool books that they are reading.  Our new students got to browse through the RAPS book box and choose their book to read while at RAPS, and they also had the opportunity to order a December book.  Some of our students who have come since the beginning have finished their first books and moved onto another book.  We are really proud of how much they are engaging with reading, and how they are able to share their experiences!

As normal for Wright, we are continuing our class comic book.  Since our numbers have grown, I made copies of the story our students had created.  Last week, we had worked together to brainstorm how the Stepping Stones story could continue or end.  This week, they worked in small table groups of four and had to actually create the ending.  Students used their time to talk about the story and then many groups finished three or more panels.  We will continue this task next week, and then all of their alternate endings will be glued into the Write class comic book/graphic novel. 

I’m really excited to see where the six groups different stories go!

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