Saturday, December 9, 2017

Litton 12/8

We had such a great final RAPS session of the semester on Friday!
Litton students escaped the cold and piled into Ms. Crandall's classroom, making it our biggest group yet! We love seeing such a great group and new faces of students who are excited for RAPS to continue next semester. And so are we!

The Litton RAPS students are awesome. They are so excited by book orders, book deliveries, book trailers, and collaborative story telling. Here are a few pictures from Friday...we love how creative our students get. Two groups started a collaborative story, where they all agree on a story title and a character. The team members can then take the story in any direction they'd like...


Willa has been working diligently on her iMovie book trailer for the book Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. What began with a storyboard sketch has made its way to digital representation, crafting scenes with construction paper, and filming her homemade owl characters. We cannot wait to see the final outcome!

We wish everyone a happy holiday and restful break full of good books!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wright 12/5

Our numbers continue to grow.  Last week was 21 students, and this week it was 25! Students were happy to have about 25 minutes of sustained silent reading time, and then just about all of them wanted to talk about their really cool books that they are reading.  Our new students got to browse through the RAPS book box and choose their book to read while at RAPS, and they also had the opportunity to order a December book.  Some of our students who have come since the beginning have finished their first books and moved onto another book.  We are really proud of how much they are engaging with reading, and how they are able to share their experiences!

As normal for Wright, we are continuing our class comic book.  Since our numbers have grown, I made copies of the story our students had created.  Last week, we had worked together to brainstorm how the Stepping Stones story could continue or end.  This week, they worked in small table groups of four and had to actually create the ending.  Students used their time to talk about the story and then many groups finished three or more panels.  We will continue this task next week, and then all of their alternate endings will be glued into the Write class comic book/graphic novel. 

I’m really excited to see where the six groups different stories go!

Apollo Middle School 12/6

Pizza party time!  Today was our last RAPS session before the Winter Break.  Students brought in some snacks and drinks to share, and we had a great time eating pizza and just talking about our favorite books and what people were currently reading.  Our twins are always reading new and old beloved books.  One kept describing why he was rereading the series, as he fell back in love with it once he read the first one again. There are just some books that you can read over and over, getting new things out of it each time.

Since every single person came for the party, we had some students who needed to order previous months books, since they missed the day we had ordered.  Everyone got to order their December book, and they are excited to get them in January!

We hope everyone has a fun filled break!

Cameron 12/6

Though it was our final week with the bright students at Cameron Middle School, we had an absolute blast! In between handing out special wrist bands, stickers, and pencils, we were able to have a lot of fun and learn together, before the Holidays! First, we had to finish up Skeleton Creek, which meant watching the final, terrifying video. The students, through closed fingers, grew more and more scared, hoping for some resolution that never came. They hoped to read the next two in the series, and we hope they'll be able to get a copy!


Next, the students had the chance to look forward along those lines. How would they resolve the issues at the end of the book? How would they continue the story, knowing that they had two more books to fill out! We were impressed by our students' creative abilities, as always, and we can't wait to hang them up in Wyatt!

Finally, we had the students write why they loved reading, or why reading has become more important to them. We were amazed at how much students had seemed to enjoy reading more than when we had meet, and how much their English had improved! The students' answers impacted us, perhaps more than anything else this semester, and we can't wait to be back to hand out their most recent book orders!

We want to wish everyone in the Cameron community a happy Holiday Season, and we hope to see them next semester!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

McMurray 12/1

Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues, our last session at McMurray Middle School was cancelled. We had hoped to explore celebrations of the holiday seasons around the world and create our own holiday cards to share with family and friends, but we may be able to accomplish that next semester. We had also planned to pass out books and take up final book orders, but we also realize that we can bring those to our students after the holiday break. Though we are disheartened that we missed out on one last time to work with these bright students, we recognize how hectic the average school can be, and we hope to see them next year!

Patterson RAPS wishes everyone in the McMurray community a happy and love-filled holiday season!