Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wright Middle School 11/14

We keep growing and growing. Last week we had five new students join our RAPS book club. This week, two new students came as well. So over the last two weeks, our old timers and new comers both ordered November books. In addition to growing in numbers, our books came in for October and some for November, so many students had multiple new books to excitedly explore!

This week, since our numbers are increasing, we rotated around small group stationed activities. Our first station was getting books back, ensuring they ordered a November book, and a chance to engage with them. Our second station continued our class comic book. Each student takes turns adding different panels to a story with a few agreed upon characters. Our current story is called Stepping Stones, inspired by the book we read last week also called Stepping Stones. Our third station mimics the art and writing process of Stepping Stones, in which the stone art was made first, then the text. For this, they created mosaic collages using small cut of pieces of paper and buttons (mimicking stones) to tell the story of how they came to Nashville or how the come to school. A few finished, but we will continue to create and then add our narrative portion as a next and final step. 

 Next week is the week of Thanksgiving, so we will not be meeting for RAPS.  We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with friends and family. 

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