Friday, November 3, 2017

McMurray Middle School 11/3

We had a great week at McMurray middle school with our fun and engaged class! This week, we decided to set up stations with the three teachers in the room. At the first station, students got to put in another order for free books! After having some time with their books last week, they were very excited to be able to have more!

They also worked together to put quotes and pictures from Show Way on a green bush cutout that we'll put in the Wyatt Atrium. Having had some time to let the book sit with them, they enjoyed going back through to find the parts that stood out to them, whether they were text or images. 

At the next station, students read the book Stepping Stones, pictured below. The story details a refugee family's journey through Syria, struggling to find freedom and peace. The children adored this book, and seemed engaged and compelled by the narrative.

Finally, students worked to make their own "Show Ways." These were flags that detailed something about themselves that they wanted to share. This could be how they see themselves, something they enjoy, a description of their family, or their journey to Tennessee, if they were born somewhere else. Now that we have all the pieces, we hope to sew them together and make a large quilt with everyone's contributions!

After a productive day filled with fun activities, we can't wait to be back at McMurray!

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