Friday, November 17, 2017

McMurray 11/17

We had a wonderful week at McMurray Middle School! In order to capitalize on our reading from last week, we wanted to make our own stories, similar to the ones we read about. While the stories we read were created using pebbles and rocks, we used buttons and pieces of paper. The goal was to construct a story about our students' journeys to Nashville, or their daily journey to school.

As you can see, the students' work turned out great! We can't wait to hang it up in Wyatt!

We also had a rotating section for quick reading, where we read some short, scary stories that the students seemed to really enjoy! The stories, from the Creepypasta blog, allows for a lot of further reading, especially once our students got to engage with a genre that they love! Finally, we were able to stitch together the pieces of fabric from last week, creating a larger story about our class' experiences in life. It looks wonderful!

We can't wait to be back after break! Our students seem excited to see us again, though it will be our last time together this semester. 

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