Sunday, November 12, 2017

Litton Middle School 11/9

Since MNPS had Friday off from school, the Litton RAPS crew gathered early Thursday morning to work on book trailers, read, play, and hang out with one another. It is so hard to believe that the semester's end is approaching!

Book trailers are looking great so far. A few of our students are using a program called Storyboard That to create their depiction. Storyboard That is an awesome digital tool to animate stories, build digital storyboards, or craft a graphic novel style book trailer.

Other students are learning to use iMovie on the iPads to create book trailers. iMovie gives the creator many freedoms to add details, dramatic features, and make decisions like a director.

A few students discovered the Mad Libs app on the iPads and got swept away by the silly stories. The Mad Libs app is a wonderful tool for reviewing specific grammatical vocabulary, while playing in a silly and creative way. They couldn't get enough.

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