Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cameron 11/29

In our penultimate meeting at Cameron Middle, we decided to push forward with our reading of Skeleton Creek. The students seem engrossed in the plot, and terrified by the well-produced videos and the stellar pacing of the text. As we took turns reading the novel, we were delighted by the progress that our students have made in their abilities to decode words and find their meanings. We've left off with about twenty pages remaining, and the students seemed excited to finish it all up!

We've also had some students keep up with tracking clues throughout the novel, and they're a great help in assisting their fellow pupils when it comes to putting the pieces together. They're also getting great practice at noticing specific details and making predictions! We've also had students work on some of the interesting tidbits throughout the story, such as a portion of the text that relies on Morse Code!

Though last week will be our last time together, we truly look forward to it, and we've enjoyed the time we've spent together. We plan on handing out some books, taking some final orders, and finishing up Skeleton Creek. We may also make some holiday cards for the children to give to the important people in their lives. Great job Cameron Middle!

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