Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wright Middle School 10/31

Happy Halloween everyone! Wright Middle School has some super artistic and creative students.  After reading on their own for the first part, students want to let their creative juices flow! They took the idea of a classroom universe mural and ran with it, creating a world in which Suicide Bunny’s surround them. Completely filling up one side of the mural over the last two weeks, they asked if they could flip it over and make an alternate universe – one that does not have Suicide Bunny’s. 

In the past, a few students have expressed the desire to transfer their artistic creations to the task of actually making a comic strip or book.  To support this, we started the RAPS Comic Book, in which they will work together to write and draw their own stories.  Since they are a tad obsessed with Suicide Bunnies, two groups each drew their own version of a funny Suicide Bunny.  Both groups did an excellent job following the constructs of a story in their seven-frame comic.

Next week, students at Wright want to continue making a RAPS Comic Book.  I definitely see reading some graphic novels and comic books in our future!

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