Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wright Middle School 10/17

Last week was Fall Break in Metro Nashville, so we didn’t get to meet, but we made up for missing a week by having a lot of laughs and adding a new rapper!  During our last session, we had worked on I am from poems, and they all wanted more time to work on them.  The girls in class have finished writing their poems but will need next week to finish making it artistic.  One student, who made lots of headway last time, finished his poem and was able to be creative in other ways.

What started as a reading reaction mural, as I had introduced it, quickly turned into a class universe mural inspired by the books they are reading, ideas in their heads, and RAPS conversations.  Only one student could work on it today, but we intend to work on it more together in the coming weeks. 

The inspiration for the change came from the accompanying art to a student’s I am from poem.  In his art, he created an underwater city with a dome, above it is an ocean full of animals: whales, fish, bunny rabbits, and laser eye shooting sharks.  Humans had apparently tied an anchor to the rabbit’s leg in a mob type killing.  Those humans are Australians who thought of interesting ways to solve their rabbit overpopulation problem. 

 I’m very excited to see what they come up with together, and they are too!

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