Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Wright Middle School 10/03/17

Today we had three rappers.  We spent some quiet time listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and the Moanna soundtracks while we read, and I got the chance to read with one rapper who didn’t want to read by herself.  After about half an hour, we shared a little about the books we read and who our favorite characters were up to this point. 

While having a snack, we started working on the I Am From Poems that we had started last week.  For the second half of the poem, rappers got to describe where they were born (a few joking that they were just born in a hospital), details about family members, and talk about foods that represent their families. 

As we finished the rough drafts today, we started making their poems beautiful and artistic by writing it in their own words on colorful paper and using stencils and drawings to create something that told more of a story about where they came from.  One student finished hers today, another wants to take it home to work on it longer, and another will finish it during the next RAPS session.

Next week is Fall Break in Metro Nashville, so we won’t get to read and play, but they told me about some fun plans for their breaks.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Fall Break!

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