Friday, October 20, 2017

McMurray Middle School 10/20

Scheduling and Fall Break made it a long time since we had RAPS at McMurray.  September books came in, and we got to hand out books that students can take home!  They were so excited about having new books!  In addition to new books, it is already October, so we were able to have students browse the Scholastic order forms and choose another new book. 

Students wanted more time with their new books, so we gave them ten minutes to read on their own.  Then we introduced Jacqueline Woodson’s book Show Way, which they read in small groups.  Some students absolutely loved the book and the illustrations. 

For next time, we plan to make a classroom quilt of their own Show Ways based on the book.  They got excited about the prospect of an art project!

Hopefully books come in by our next session, and we can keep up the excitement for new books.

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