Thursday, October 5, 2017

Litton Middle School 10/5

We had a large group of Litton students gather on their last day of school before Fall Break! It is so great to have new faces joining RAPS, discovering the beauty of reading for fun and exploring literature's power to communicate so much.

 After our usual time devoted to silent reading, Litton scholars began to plan their "Found" poems. They chose several lines, words, or phrases straight from the text that embody the book, a character, or convey some message about the text. The lines from their text then take a form of the poet's choice. Some may choose to write a traditional linear poem, while others will create elaborate forms that connect to their book's message. 

We wish all of MNPS a fun and safe Fall Break! When Litton students return, they will begin planning an ongoing project to create book trailers, a game version of their book, and other interactive projects!  

RAPS mentors have constructed a tree in Wyatt to display student work! We look forward to more growth!

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