Saturday, October 28, 2017

Litton Middle School 10/27

It is always an exciting day when RAPS scholars get to choose a new book to order! Once we perused the latest Scholastic magazine and made the difficult decision of choosing a book, students at Litton Middle School began their book trailer or independent book endeavor. 

We are so lucky to have Ms. Garrett, the school librarian and tech expert, as a knowledgeable resource to use throughout this project. Ms. Garrett came to talk to the students about Creative Commons, storyboarding, and elements of an effective book trailer. Students began with a paper and pencil storyboard to visualize their trailer. Next week though, we will have stations set up for students to explore Animoto, iMovie, Storyboard That, and other online creative resources. We hope that the students' representations of their favorite books will help guide other Litton students as they choose their next book to read. 

We had a range of imaginative ideas from this group. Two students plan to work together to use stop motion animation for their trailer. Another student would like to design and create a graphic novel of his favorite book. We will have a variety of digital, artistic, and live representations of text! 

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