Friday, October 20, 2017

Litton Middle School 10/20

Litton Middle School RAPS students gathered for a great session this morning. They were all ready to get back to RAPS after MNPS Fall Break. Students started out with some silent reading time and hanging out with the group. Two of our students collaborated on an awesome creative project. They combined their love of dogs with their love of Harry Potter to draw the characters as dogs. We love this spontaneous and independent creativity that so many of RAPS students develop. Maybe they will co-author a dog fan fiction?

As Halloween is two weeks away, students read three short scary stories silently. We turned down the lights, put on some spooky music, and shifted the classroom atmosphere. After students read, they had the choice of a few different creative projects. Some students chose to write an alternate ending or extension of one of the stories. Others wrote a short story from the perspective of the ghost or "other" figure of the story. And some illustrated the scene of one of the stories. The picture below is a haunted cabin in the woods!

Next week we look forward to meeting with the Litton librarian to talk about creating responsibly sourced book trailers, placing a new book order, and starting to sketch our book trailers!

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