Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cameron Middle School 10/4

As we get close to the halfway point in our time at Cameron Middle School, the RAPS team is so impressed with the growth we've seen in our students! As the class is gearing up for Fall Break, we thought we'd do some reading that would get them in the spirit of the season, especially since some of them have never seen autumn in Nashville. We found a short story online titled "The Anxious Leaf."

While this text might have given our students some trouble at the beginning of the year, they flew through the story with few problems! We also had some great moments to talk about perspective, characterization, and imagery. We also learned some interesting new vocabulary words that we will try to encourage in the future!

Afterwards, some students loved the story so much, that they wanted to read through it again. The rest of us drew our own leaves, and took some time to talk about different emotions and words that they associate with the different seasons. Again, we wanted to spend some time building the students' vocabulary, and give them a chance to think outside the box. We look forward to seeing them in a couple weeks, especially since their book orders should be in!

The RAPS team has also started putting up colorful decorations around the Wyatt Center with students' work! We hope you get a chance to look around and see what our scholars have been doing!

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