Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cameron 10/25

As our students begin getting ready for Halloween, we decided to start a spooky story of our own. For many students, it is their first Halloween, so we wanted to get them in the spirit. We started the acclaimed mystery YA novel Skeleton Creek. The story follows two teenagers as they attempt to uncover the secrets around the history of their town, finding conspiracies and ghouls along the way.

What is most notable about Skeleton Creek, though, is that it plays with the narrative form in a way that feels genuine to children. The main story is written in the first person as a journal, while the accompanying narrative is a series of videos at the end of each chapter. These videos tend to shock students who are ambivalent into reading into a state of wild interest. Indeed, our students crept around to watch the first video, covering their eyes with their hands and holding one another as the story unfolded. We can't wait to read more together.

We were also able to pass out our September book orders, and the kids were ecstatic! Many of them struggled to pay attention due to the sheer excitement of owning and reading their own book. Then, we shocked them with another set of book orders for next month! Though we won't be in Cameron next week, due to Halloween, we feel confident that our students can't wait to see us again.

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