Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Apollo Middle School 10/25

Apollo RAPS this week was fun.  Working primarily on our own, students chose to read RAPS books, while some got excited about writing their own poem, using the I am from template.  I got the chance to work with a few fifth grade students who wanted more input on their poems.  We were able to talk about how they can use more descriptive language and also learned a number of new words. Other students chose to use a library book and a computer to learn to program using Scratch.  Those same students introduced me later to “a choose your own storyline” book called Meanwhile: Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities.  Only one of those storylines leads to a happy ending. 

We added one activity for the class as a whole.  Each rapper had to react to their reading in some way on a reading mural.  Some chose favorite quotes, others chose to write their feelings or describe a scene. 

We will continue reacting to books over the next few weeks and also finish up poems, rewriting, and decorating their creations.

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