Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wright Middle School 9/26

Today at Wright, we had four new students join our group.  Because of various school activities that might happen for different students during our RAPS time, we have decided that each student would choose their own book to read from the RAPS room.  I brought more than thirty different titles for students to browse, selecting two books, one to read first and then a second book for whenever they finish their first, depending on their reading speed.  After finishing a book, students can always choose another book, but I wanted students to have the option of reading another book right away!

The new students this week also got to select their own book for September! The boys were very excited to get to take it home!

After making different selections, students got the opportunity to have silent read time for about half an hour, while the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 played in the background.  Today, the five students who could join us were reading Dead Upon a Time (Elizabeth Paulson), Middle School Get Me Out of Here! (James Patterson), Comic Squad Recess!, Space Dumplins (Craig Thompson), and Skeleton Creek (Patrick Carman).  Most wanted to have some quiet reading time, but I was able to read with one of our Wright rappers. 

Books Read Today and I Am From Poem
After our reading time wound down, I explained our activity for today and next week: the I Am From poem.  Filling in details about their own lives, like descriptions of their home, sensory details, and adjectives, students completed about half of the poem today while we were working together thinking of the different details that could go in each blank.  Next week, we will work to finish it, and then students will get the opportunity to write it out on a separate piece of colored paper that they can decorate and truly complete the story of where they are from. 

When I told them they could choose to take home their completed poem or let me hang it at the Wyatt Center at Vanderbilt University on the RAPS wall, a few got really excited to show their work at Vanderbilt! 

I can’t wait to see more of their enthusiasm for reading and creativity!

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