Tuesday, September 19, 2017

RAPS kickoff at Wright Middle School 9/19

We are ready to RAP at Wright Middle School!  Though our numbers are few, our enthusiasm is awesome.  As it was our first RAPS session, we spent some time getting to know each other.  We had three students as well as Ms. Bonner and myself.  Passing around a roll of toilet paper, students were told to take as many pieces as they wanted – numbers included 67, 36, 29, 12, and 4 sheets.  Then they were told to share one piece of information about themselves: about their reading, likes/dislikes, and their lives in general.  Among these students, I can see us reading exciting fiction, science fiction, and horror.  Students shared that they like reading because it takes them to world unknown to them as well as loving to be in suspense!
Unravelling Toilet Paper
Popcorn Reading Show Way
After everyone introduced themselves, we began a Jacqueline Woodson book called Show Way and had a good discussion about what was going on, the pieces of history represented throughout the story, what the artwork meant, and why slavery should still be discussed today.  Though we did not finish the book this session, students said that they are excited for RAPS this semester.

This week, students chose their own book to order for September.  Next week, we have decided that each student will read his or her own book instead of a group book, so I will bring many for them to choose from. 

We are really excited for this group of students and reading with them this year!

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