Friday, September 15, 2017

RAPS Kickoff at McMurray Middle School

We had a great first week with the McMurray Middle School book club! We have a great group of 21 students who love reading and come with incredible background experiences. We wanted to spend our first week getting to know the students, so we started our time with an icebreaker activity. We passed around some rolls of toilet paper, asking each student to tear off as much as they wanted to, and then count the squares. After they counted, we asked them to share something about themselves for each square that they took, and the results ranged from the hilarious to the insightful.

Next, we asked the students to make some creative name tents, just to help us in learning their names. They seemed incredibly excited to use basic art materials, and we think we will have a lot of fun doing more structured art together in the future.

We also worked on the cartoon panel activity, which we've had success with in other schools. The children are each given the panel of a cartoon, and they're asked to describe their picture to their small group. Afterwards, they all reveal their picture and try to come up with a story that unites the pictures. The results were hilarious, and the students loved getting creative.

Finally, we had a chance to put in some book orders, and the students were so happy to learn that they're all getting so many free books!

Next week, we hope to get started on Show Way, by Jacqueline Woodson. The story should be entertaining for students, but it also gives us a strong basis for discussion and some fun, creative activities. We can't wait to go back!

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