Monday, September 11, 2017

RAPS kick-off at Litton Middle School

Students at Isaac Litton Middle School gathered before school on Friday, September 8 to kick off another engaging season of RAPS! We were happy to see many returning RAPS students who are looking forward to more enriching time with books this year. Several new scholars joined in on the fun and we are thrilled to get some new books and creative activities started. 

As a way of getting oriented with the group, scholars participated in a short comic story construction activity. The students chose a comic scene card in no particular order, which they kept hidden from the group. They described their scene in detail and listened to the rest of the group describe their scenes as well. Students worked together to construct the story in a creative order and to write an intriguing story. The group of scholars decided to tell the story orally, taking turns around their circle to add in details. Once the story was complete, everyone revealed their cards. The students came up with some interesting questions once they could see the other images: what happened to upset the king? Is that dog food in the bowl? Did the mouse help the woman escape from the dungeon? 

Next week we will explore a selection of new books, place our first book order, and discuss the dynamics of book clubs, which we will begin in the coming weeks!

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