Friday, September 22, 2017

Litton Middle School 9/22

Students at Litton Middle School had an excellent morning with RAPS today! We started our morning with silent reading time. Ms. Crandall's room transformed into a peaceful reading room. It was difficult to break the silence and begin an activity because everyone was so entranced in their book!

While some students continued to read, many gravitated to the Litton RAPS mural, which we began today. Throughout the semester, readers will contribute to mural with a quote, drawing, scene, or title of a book they are reading. It will be a collaborative and ongoing project that students will add to as they read more and more books.

Some readers chose to draw their favorite character, while others wrote the title of their book or the name of their favorite author. We are already filling up part of the mural, we might need a second or third one!

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