Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Getting Started at Cameron College Prep

On Wednesday, September 6, the RAPS team got started at Cameron College Prep! We're truly looking forward to working with our classes this semester, and we've gotten a lot of help from the students' current teachers. The population at Cameron is incredibly diverse, and most of them speak English as their second language. Additionally, their is a large immigrant population at Cameron, all of whom seem extremely excited to get started reading and working on creative projects. Because of this, we plan on working with the teachers at Cameron, who have the scholars working on The Arrival, by Shaun Tan.

The Arrival is an incredibly interesting story, as it features no words. However, it tells the story of an immigrant, who moves to a strange new land in search of work to help his family. The new country is incredibly odd, and features animals, items, and buildings which are unlike any in human existence, marking the journey as universal and applicable to any traveler. For these reasons, the story resonates with the students, and they can study the elements of craft and style in a narrative while working on their burgeoning English skills with fun activities.

Next week will be the RAPS team's first week bringing in some fun crafts and creative projects for the students, and we can't wait to be back!

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