Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cameron Middle School 9/27

We had another great week at Cameron! The children are starting to get into the groove of our sessions, and they keep telling us how much they look forward to our visits. We spent the first few minutes of class finishing up their flags, which should be coming up in the Wyatt Center Atrium very soon! We also handed out book orders, and we collected orders for all the students. They were excited to get a bunch of free books that they can take home!

Next, we wanted to go through some reading with the students. Specefically, we spent some time talking about Langston Hughes' short poem, "Dreams." We asked the students what their dreams are, and what they want for the rest of their life. We then went through the poem together. Many of the students have burgeoning reading skills, and it seemed that this was their first experience with English poetry. Though they were a bit hesitant to warm to the poem, they eventually made some progress. Many students loved the idea of breaking apart traditional English rules, so we may have some future poets on our hands!

Finally, we gave students the chance to write and draw some of their own dreams. Many of them wanted to own their own car or house. We have a lot of aspiring doctors, as well as a small group of teachers! After the tough poetry work, we wanted to relate the content back to their lives, helping them see how important their dreams are, but also how poetry can explain some of these ideas in creative and figurative ways.

All in all, these students continue to grow on us, and we can't wait to head back to Cameron with some free books!

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