Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cameron Middle School 9/20

We had another fantastic week at Cameron Middle School! As the students transitioned from their unit on immigration, we wanted to give them one last chance to express themselves, all while using strengthening their English skills. We decided to create some flags or quilt squares, depending upon how they decide to use their collective products. We showed them the finished drafts from last RAPS year, and let them take off by themselves!

As you can see, we gave them some quick prompts to help them formulate ideas to describe their home country or family. Most of them took this route, rather than describing Nashville, and they did a great job describing their feelings towards their homes. 

While we spent both of our classes working on these creative pieces, we also got the chance to work with individual students on their vocabularies. The RAPS team worked with students whose original languages are Swahili and Arabic, translating some key words from their upcoming unit.

Next week, we hope to get some feedback on their flags, so that we can put them together and display them in the Wyatt Center! We also expect we'll be doing a poetry project, incorporating their first language and English. Fun projects like this should allow us to learn where our students are in their process of learning English, and we can't wait to start on our group readings soon!

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