Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cameron College Prep 9/13

We had another great week at Cameron College Prep! We wanted to spend today really getting to know our students, as well as the individual skills and experiences they bring to the table, so that our future sessions can be as challenging, yet entertaining, as possible. Because of this, we decided to make name tents for our students, so that we could get to learn their names, but also so that we could see more about their interests and let them express themselves.

The students are also working on a graphic novel that depicts their journey to the United States. They have requirements on word usage, picture usage, and the expression of emotions, all while moving along a narrative structure. This is meant to emulate The Arrival, which they are reading for class, but we decided to take the opportunity to assist in some editing and revisions, and I think we all know each other a little better for it!

Finally, we decided to have some fun, all while hitting on the same ideas of plot and evidence that they've been working on in their other English classes. Below, you will see six panels of a comic. The interesting part, is that there are no words, and no real indicators for which order they are meant to go in! So, we asked groups of the students to make their own story, pointing to panels for their reasoning behind their decisions. Then, they got a chance to tell or act their story for the rest of the class, with some hilarious consequences.

Overall, we had an incredible meeting once again, and we can't wait to be back with an outstanding and curious group of students!

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