Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Apollo Middle School 9/27

Another fun RAPS session.  Today, our session had a bit of a late start because this week was the first time for students doing after school programs to get food in the cafeteria after school.  Our rappers were able to eat together by the front door and our twins were very excited to look at the box of RAPS books that they offered to carry it to our classroom.  On the way to the classroom, they kept commenting about the book titles that they wanted to read. 

Most of this session was spent choosing the books they wanted to read during RAPS.  The most popular books were the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books and also Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Comic books and graphic novels were also a hit, and some students want me to bring more next session. Multiple students are reading Skeleton Creek and Calvin and Hobbes.  We had one student finish a short book today, and he was very happy to start the Minecraft book next week. 

Continuing on from last week, a few students wanted to finish their Show Ways, and think it’s cool that they will hang up in the Wyatt Center on the RAPS Wall at Vanderbilt University. 

One absolutely awesome moment happened today when a student realised what RAPS stood for: Read and Play Saturdays (or in Schools).  So he decided to be a rapper because he reads and plays in schools.  Check out his spontaneous rap about RAPS.

 Next week we will continue reading and maybe start a RAPS reading mural. 

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