Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wright Middle 4/12

We had a great week back at Wright Middle School! After the play finished up, it was nice to see some faces that we hadn't seen in a while. We were finally able to finish El Deafo, and it seems that the students really enjoyed the end of the book. Cece, the protagonist, learns to live with being deaf, and the rest of her classmates and her friends fully accept her as she comes out of her shell. It was a great message in an interesting format that it seems the kids really enjoyed.

We weren't able to get any film equipment for today, and we were still missing some key members of our team, so we decided to do another creative activity. We finished up by making some comics of our own, in which the students could pick their own superpower and create a narrative, similar to that of El Deafo. It allowed us to incorporate some creative skills with the narrative choices that Cece Bell made with her book, and the students did some great work.

Our student of the week is Kay, pictured above. Kay is a hardworking student. He is quiet, but that bellies a creative side that is impressive. He always comes to our class ready to work and is so cooperative and engaged with everything we do. Great job Kay!

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