Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Final Session at Wright

It's hard to believe that our time at Wright Middle School has finally come to an end, but it has. We've had such a good group of scholars, and we've gotten do a lot of laughing, learning, and reading over the semester. We hope that they all take a new or renewed desire to keep reading and engaging with literature outside of the classroom. More than that, we hope that they keep showing their sides of creativity that we've been fortunate enough to see. We didn't get to do everything that we wanted this semester, but perhaps we will be back in the future!

Since we had an entirely different group this time around than we did last time, we decided that it would be best to finish El Deafo with this group as well. They all wanted to finish it, and, since couldn't leave the copies with them, it was only right to let them see the dramatic and happy conclusion to the book that they've been reading all semester. We got to sit outside, enjoy a nice day, and do some impressions of characters, all while learning a little about authorial intent and creative expression!

You can see we had some shy (and not so shy) students to play and read with this year. Finally, we were generously given a box full of various Scholastic books from a bunch of different orders. The kids will get the specific books that they ordered next week, but they all walked out with about 4-5 random books that they wanted for themselves or to give to family! We hope they'll take the joy of reading for themselves and give it to others as well.


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