Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break at Wright

Due to an unfortunate convergence of Spring Breaks and a lack of snow days, our team at Wright Middle was not able to go last week, nor this week, and we won't be there the week after. However, we were able to do a good job of prepping our scholars for the coming weeks, as we prepared them to come ready to read at a brisk pace and finish El Deafo next time we are together.

We've also begun to prepare our project, a book trailer for the graphic novel. We've assigned roles and gotten the students to think about ways in which they will film and act in the trailer. Through some storyboards and group discussions, the students should, hopefully, have this creative piece cross their minds sometime over break, and most of them seemed excited to get started on the project once we reconvene in a couple weeks.

Until then, we wish all of our students a fun and safe Spring Break, filled with reading and learning outside of the classroom!

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