Tuesday, December 15, 2015

November 14 Meeting

We had a great time at RAPS this Saturday! We started the day by drawing comic strips about our different scar stories. Some of us have been very daring and have great stories to tell. We started a new book, Auggie and Me, which is written from the perspectives of the minor characters in Wonder. A few of us read Wonder with RAPS last year, and others have read it through school.
We also had VSVS (Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science) come and share some neat science with us! Because we finished Holes at our last session, we learned about water filtration and even made our own systems. We were given 4 different things to filter our “dirty” water through. Many found that charcoal was the best filter, while others found sand to be the best. All around, we enjoyed getting to be hands on with learning about something we drink everyday--water!

We finished up the day with drawing our own Wonder silhouettes. We had to be creative as we thought about different things to cut out of magazines to glue around our heads that described us. We will continue this project next time! It’s our last week of the semester, so we hope to see everyone there!


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