Monday, December 21, 2015

#HolidayHotReads Questions

It's time to get started!  Here are all of the questions for #HolidayHotReads 2015!
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#HolidayHotReads Questions: 2015

December 21:  What are you reading over the break?  Why did you choose this?

December 22:  What’s the setting of your book?  Share a picture of what you think it might look like and why!

December 23: Share a connection you have with the story or main character.  What does it remind you of from your own life?

December 24: What inference can you make about what the author might have been thinking or feeling as he/she developed this story or main character?

December 25:  Identity Swap! Put yourself in the main character's shoes.  What might they post to their social media account today?  Be sure to give them their own username/handle!

December 26: Describe an important event in the book and show your reaction to it using a gif/meme.

December 27:  What lesson do you think the character(s) are learning?  Share a quote from the story that reflects this lesson!

December 28: We’re about half way through Winter break!  It's time for a progress post!   How far have you read?  Share a fraction, percentage, book mark picture, etc. to share how much you've read!

December 29:  Which character in your book reminds you of someone from RAPS or a teacher from your school? What similarities do this character and this person share?

December 30: What “aha moments” have you or your main character experienced?  What do you understand better now that you are farther along in your book?

December 31:  Share a summary of your favorite part so far using emojii’s and 20 words or less!

January 1: Happy New Year! What New Year’s resolutions might a character from your book make?

January 2: If you could rewrite a section of the story, what would it be and why?

January 3:  What will you read next?

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