Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 5 Meeting

What a great year at RAPS!

 To close out our 5th and 6th grade group,we first explored characters' perspectives of events through social media character posts in Wonder and Auggie and Me. Then, after a delicious treat (donated by Fido's), we explored ways that we can "Choose Kind" in our community. Students explored organizations to help the environment, homelessness, diabetes prevention, abandoned animals, and recent victims of the attacks in Paris. We then created actions plans and presentations about ways to support these needs in our world.

 For our last meeting with the seventh and eighth graders, we wrote and illustrated scar stories. It was so interesting to hear the story behind each of our scars! After sharing with our tablemates, the whole group watched a variety of video clips to inspire our thoughts about cinematography for our multimedia story. We thought about how music and songs can help tell stories in different ways. Next, the kids filled out a sheet to help define characteristics for the role they will be playing in the multimedia story. The seventh and eighth graders thought about character details like birthday, likes and dislikes, super power, secrets, and even theme song! After this, the writing team met to further develop the multimedia story and the story development team met to continue working on our Animoto projects about our new books.

At the end of RAPS, the students all received a gift bag with new books to read over the winter holiday break. Thanks for joining us this year. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to participate in #HolidayHotReads! Follow @vandyREADS on Twitter and check the RAPS blog to see the reading question of the day. Share your response on your choice of social media! (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog Posts, etc.). Be sure to tag your post with #HolidayHotReads to stay connected and hear about the exciting books people are reading!

 Happy Holidays, and we will see you in 2016!

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