Friday, October 23, 2015

October 17 Meeting

Last weekend at RAPS we introduced the next books that the 5th and 6th grade group will be reading, Holes and Small Steps, both by Louis Sachar. We thought about a treasure of our own that we would bury if we needed to keep it from others. A lot of us even chose to hide our treasures at RAPS! We watched a book trailer to preview the book, and then we dug into reading it. We spread out through Wyatt to read independently or with a small group. 

Meanwhile, the 7th and 8th graders collaborated on exquisite corpse stories, which all started with the same line, "One year ago, a tragic accident happened at RAPS, and a sister died." This is the premise of the creepy multimedia story we are working on. We divided into two groups: the writing group, who planned out the vast majority of their story, and a scouting group, who picked locations in and around the Wyatt Center for the film component of the story.

We also had the treat of skyping with graphic novelist Gareth Hinds, author of the graphic novels of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet  that we have been reading. He told us all about the writing and publishing process, as well as some of his latest drawings. We were able to ask questions about the books that some students read over the summer, and he even showed us his scariest drawing. I think many of us walked away inspired to try our hands at graphic novels. We can’t wait for next week, Halloween RAPS!

Fall Break Reading

We're even reading during fall break!!

October 3 Meeting

For our second meeting of Patterson RAPS this fall, the 7th and 8th graders considered different ways of telling stories. We read the first journal entry of Patrick Carman's mystery book, Skeleton Creek, and watched the first video entry of the book online.

After we discussed what we learned from the different perspectives and different styles of storytelling in Skeleton Creek, we performed Act 4 Scene 1 of William Shakepeare's, Macbeth. In this scene with the famous lines, "Double, double toil and trouble; / Fire burn and cauldron bubble," we split into small groups to add noises like gusts of wind, moaning, owls, and thunder to create a creepy mood for the scene. 

Before breaking off to brainstorm ideas for our group story project, we looked at Gareth Hinds' Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet graphic novels. With Skeleton CreekRomeo & JulietMacbeth, and our own spooky group story in the works, we are definitely ready for Halloween!