Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Day 5

Today was the last day of camp! We began with more logic puzzles and then we went upstairs to listen to more Trackers. We then had a quick snack break and played some more silly games.

Next, we read from our graphic novels and finished our videos. Students exchanged iPads and watched what the other groups created for their videos. It was fun to see all of the interesting, funny, and informative videos the students created!

After our video viewing party, we headed out for a field trip to Las Paletas in Hillsboro Village for popsicles. Students got a variety of flavors- everything from cookie dough to avocado!

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Last, we headed back to listen to and watch the conclusion of Trackers. Students went home with the sequel to Trackers, their graphic novels, as well as two new books of their choice. We hope everyone has a great summer with lots of reading ahead!

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