Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Day 3

We are rolling right along! Day 3 of camp began with more logic puzzles. Our brains are getting stronger every day! After completing the logic puzzles, we headed upstairs to listen to more of Trackers. Next, we had a quick break where we played the game "Ooga Chooga Oo." Students stood in a circle and said the words and then pointed to someone else in the circle. If two people were pointing at each other, then they were out of the game. It was a lot of fun!

We then settled in to continue reading either El Deafo or The Odyssey in small groups. The graphic novels seem to be a huge hit with our students this summer. Some didn't even want to quit reading when it was time to go outside!

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After reading we headed outside to run around and have a snack. Students played their favorite game, "If", and one of the graduate students taught everyone a new game called, "Buddy Tag." Even though it was super hot, we had lots of fun.

Finally, we headed inside to work on our videos on the iPads and read another section of Trackers. It's hard to believe camp is over halfway over!

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