Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 21 Meeting

Thankfully we have seen nice weather in February so far! We had a wonderful meeting this week. We began with students doing a fun icebreaker activity with cups and string. Next, students listened to a read aloud of either Wonder or Between Shades of Grey and then they read independently, in small groups, or with a graduate student. After students finished reading, they got into literature circles to discuss the books in depth.

Next, students had a snack and played Minute to Win It games to burn off some energy. Finally, we ended our session with three poetry rotations. At the first rotation, students wrote "Just Because" poems which examine stereotypes. At the second rotation, students took pictures of each other and wrote 40 words to describe themselves as part of a micrography art project we will complete in April. At the third rotation, students rehearsed and performed poems written by famous poets.

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We look forward to March 14 when Mayor Karl Dean will be joining us to lead a book club discussion on Between Shades of Grey with the seventh and eighth graders!

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